Sunday, April 29, 2012


Back from Victoria - had a great time and met heaps of terrific, enthusiastic and talented people.  Thanks to everyone who made our Muster visit a success!

Unpacking now
  • WENDY KOOLHOF's unique HAND DYED Tasmanian Ultra Fine 8 ply merino knitting yarn.  A limited range of Wendy's gorgeous colours in 50g and 100g hanks.  Just a few x100gs left in all-natural sheepy white.

  • WHITE GUM WOOL. Our brand new Tasmanian Knitting Yarn.  Oatlands-grown, processed in Victoria and artisan-spun in Tasmania so it's extra special!  Limited quantity of sport weight natural and chunky natural yarn.  Tops a-plenty  100g plus.  Check out the new page from the link at the top.

  • DARKE DOINGS Tasmanian Possum and 22 micron wool or Tassie Wallaby and 22 micron wool blends in 8 ply knitting yarn.  Don't bother with New Zealand Tasmanian!!  This unique and very special range of knitting yarn is proudly stocked at Oatlands Handmade.

  • Control your ball of wool with Yarn Pots from our own JILLI SPENCER.

  • Tasmanian-made KNITTING NEEDLES from Tasmanian Forest Beads.


Michelle @ rockMYroll said...

Glad your home safe and sound!!! We tried to drop in a month or so ago but it was one of the days you were shut...just our luck - but we did have a lovely lunch at the bakery so all was not lost.

Rowena said...

Sorry to miss you! Next time? I'm closing for winter again (too cold) 29th May until first week in September. If you come down, email me and I'll make sure I'm home :)

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