Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bendigo Diary - Day 2 2011

Another day of tramping the exhibition halls!  Whew - still so much to see.  Today SigOther and I investigated the sheepies and the fleeces.  From the svelt Dorpers, feature breed this year (no wool to speak of but cute boys) to the OTT Lincolns with their 'bad hair day' looks with all the rest in between.  I re-visited my favourite Finn Sheep and we watched the fine merino groups being judged.  Couldn't find any Tassie sheep but a few prize-winning fleeces were in evidence.
Highlight was the Wearable Art Fashion Parade.  Sue Evans' entry made it onto the catwalk.  Another congrats Sue with first in her class but pipped at the post by the stunning fantasy entry from Box Hill Spinners and Weavers.  All entrants justly deserved to be up there!

I did some more networking for our little shop and there was lots of interest.  Hopefully we will see some lovely ladies who are coming over for Deloraine in November and several more who I hope will visit Oatlands when next they come to Tasmania.  Huge huge hugs and many thanks to the lovely Mandie of EGMTK who was just fantastic, and to the gorgeous Charly of Ixchelbunny.

That's it for me @ Bendigo this year.  Photos of stash carried home shortly!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bendigo Diary - Day 1 2011

Congratulations Sue !  Our lovely Tasmanian felter Sue Evans has cracked it at Bendigo again this year! Three entries, three blues including the prestigious Gordon Ford Award for Best Entry using Merino Wool! Yay for Sue, who uses the absolutely gorgeous Tasmanian Superfine merino tops available from Oatlands Handmade. At 18.5 micron, this luxury fibre is truly special!
One of Sue's unique vessels
Also demonstrating, Sue is wowing them with how to make her unique vessels.  She is selling kits containing everything you need to make your own!  Kits will be available from Oatlands Handmade from September and will be coming to our on-line shop as well.

'Generations' A felted family sculpted from 18.5 Tassie merino

Collar - Silk and 18.5 Tassie merino

Sue Evans at Bendi 2011

I reckon the piccie below exemplifies the Bendigo experience (other than the sheeps of course) - riotous, scrumptious and hard to resist!

The colours of Bendigo 2011 - Ixchel bunny & silk from Charly - ain't it bootiful

Monday, July 11, 2011

On Holidays...Bendi here we come!

We're on holiday in wintery Victoria and it's cold and wet here too, but not yet snowing!  Over the weekend I visited Wangaratta for the Stitched Up Festival and saw the fantastic and inspirational exhibition of the finalists and winner of the Wangaratta Textile Prize - awesome!

This next weekend it's off to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool 5th...can't wait.   It's great as I will be helping one of our Makers - the lovely and talented Sue Evans with her stand on the Friday.  Sue was invited to demonstrate and sell her unique little felted vessels after winning prizes at previous Bendis for her innovative felted art wear and vessels.  We're also attending the Women @ Wool luncheon on the Friday - food, fashion, fabulous wool! Going back again on the Saturday with SigOther to feel fleece and eye the woollies on legs.   Piccies coming......
Oatlands Handmade and The Lucky Ewe @ Oatlands Handmade is a little gallery shop in Oatlands, Tasmania, right opposite the Callington Flour Mill. We feature the work of Tasmanian artisan craftspeople working in handmade design - mostly textile based. For you to buy we have unique handmade Jewellery, Handwoven and Felted Clothing and Accessories, Gifts, Cards, and so much more! Brands include Wendy Koolhof, Sue Evans I Felt, Lyns Maille sterling silver jewellery and my own Rowena brand. We stock Fleeces and Fibres, Knitting Wool and Silk, Hand dyed Yarns, Custom Art Batts for felting and spinning, exquisite drop and supported spindles and lace bobbins, Knitting Needles and buttons, Books, Patterns and Craft Kits and we are a working Spinning and Weaving Studio.