Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Oatlands Handmade is now a proud stockist of Australian-made LANDSCAPE DYES for wool, silk & nylon. I have also had excellent results with bamboo yarn and wool blends.  Don't forget overdyeing as well - we often forget that by applying another colour, the original can be enhanced and made unique. 100gms will dye 1 kilo of fibre. 

I have 100g pots of all of the ORIGINALS RANGE : 32 bright strong colours which have been developed to give a professional colourfast results with a simple dyeing method.  The primaries - Wattle, Desert Pea, Grevillea, Marine & Opal - provide a good extended palette.  Also stocking the SAMPLER PACKS, several of which feature the ELEMENTS RANGE of beautiful colours inspired by elements of the Australian environment. These packs are great if you would like to "have a go" with a palette of colours in a smaller quantity with a variety of colour results achieveable. 

Colour charts and instruction leaflets available. 

DON'T FORGET Oatlands Handmade's Tasmanian 18.5 micron superfine merino tops for your hand dyeing needs - packs of 20g, 50g, 100g available and larger quantities by request.

Fresh English Leicester and Border Leicester fleeces from this year's shearing also in stock.

Friday, December 23, 2011

It's our Birthday!

A whole 12 months!  I just find it hard to believe that today marks the anniversary of Oatlands Handmade's opening.  It's been a fantastic 12 months and way beyond my expectations.  All due to my wonderful makers - their innovative, interesting, well-made and stunning "stuff".  Brilliant.  I love it.  THanks also to my wonderful customers - someof who keep coming back.  YAY for Handmade!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011



CLOSED Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th, Monday 26th

OPEN Tuesday 27th right through to Saturday 31st.

CLOSED for the week Sunday 1st through til Friday 6th (Moving House).

REOPEN Saturday 7th January. Hours then as usual.

CLOSED Saturday 14th.  

If I can arrange relief for any of the times above, the Shop will be open.  The main one is the first week of the New Year - sorry but we are moving Sig Other home to Tasmania from Victoria - and at present there is no way around it!  Once he's home we're cruising through the Summer Season!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm so happy - finally launched out Fleece & Fibre page and the online shop links so you can buy our wonderful yarn, batts, fleeces and other makings including kits, online.

Also our new range of TASMAGIC BATTS.  These are my own blend of our stupendous Tasmanian Superfine Wool tops (Tasmanian Merino 18.5 micron) with all sorts of lovely stuffs to make your handspun, felt, needle felt and embellishing uniquely gorgeous.  Check out the new page and also the shop.

I'm particularly pleased with the Wild Fibre blends - 60% Tassie Superfine and 40% Wild Fibre.  We are using Tasmanian Possum and 2 varieties of Wallaby.  The wild fibre is saved from processing which would normally see it wasted.  The animal harvest is sustainable and humanely managed with oversight by Government Agencies and licencing systems...check out our TasMagic Wild Batt in our shop.

Rowena  :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

SHOP CLOSED Fri 11th - Sat 19th November + NEWS

Apologies.....I've a wedding to cover for (grandma duty) and domestic engineering/daughter duties to attend to, so unfortunately Oatlands Handmade doors will be closed from this Friday 11th for a week.....OPEN BRIGHT & SHINING SUNDAY 20th November........and I think our talented maker Wendy Koolhof is coming to play Sunday 20th and Monday 21st.

This week has been really busy (I opened extra days) as many wonderful people are touring after having visited Deloraine and Latrobe Craft Fairs, inlcuding 9 lovely ladies from Newcastle and the Hunter Valley yesterday, and three lots of multiple sisters travelling together over the past week!

Oh, we have such fantastic visitors:

...earlier this week, a great group hosted by Maree from Overseas Adventure Tours rocked in!  These friendly seniors from the States had a good browse in the shop and some even tried out our Devil Guitars Tasmania Tassie Devil CGBs.  A sing-a-long followed!!

Four new Tassie Devil Cigar Box Guitars (were) in stock (...now there are 3!).
Isn't it lovely when friends come to help:  the lovely Sue Evans from I Love Felt Fibre & Fashion dropped by yesterday and spent hours in the back room sorting out silk fibre for me.  THANKS SUE !!!

We also now have in stock, an extended range of embellishing and embroidery threads from Mahdi Chandler and Oatlands Handmade's very own range of Tasmanian Superfine Wool 2ply hand dyed embroidery/fine tapestry thread in 10 good strong colours.  Also available, undyed 6 strand silk, spun silk and very fine wool/silk, all in 8 metre hanks.  I'll put them in the On-Line Shop as soon as I can.

Our new Thread Tree, from Deepblue Designs, Evandale.  Thanks Tina!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


(Because you are sick of hyperlinking - you just want to see it.....EXTRACT FROM THE DELORAINE CRAFT FAIR PAGE........)

Knitting for Patience - A Bridge Scarf, lead artist Tara Ulbrich and 250 knitters: Deloraine yarn-bombed like it's never been done before. Local alpacas and sheep have offered up their fleece, local craftsmen, women and children have dyed the fibres, and spinners have taken to the wheel... people have been seen knitting in doctor's waiting rooms, bedside in the hospital and in studios and delis about town. Our scarf will be a warm invitation to cross the bridge... clickety clack. Tara Ulbrich: textile artist and radical homemaker collaborated with around 250 knitters to produce the 56m+ Bridge Scarf that will change each day on the town’s bridge from November 4-7.
and here is the photo...phenominal!!!  WELL DONE Tara and Deloraine!!!!!

Apologies to Latrobe - I didn't make it.  But I did do Deloraine.  We have two new makers!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oatlands Handmade on Think-Tasmania

We've made it into print!!  Read Michelle's excellent coverage of Oatands on Spring Festival 2011 Day here.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


This coming weekend, 4, 5, 6 ,7 November 2011, will re-inforce Tasmanian and Handmade as synonymous with quality, uniqueness, innovation and value-for-money.  I've checked the calendar and decided that I just have to shut up shop and go through for an inspect.  To see what our makers are up to, perhaps buy a bit for the shop and just mainly to wallow in the gorgeousness of it all.  So, JUST ONE DAY - Friday 4th - I'll be NOT HERE.  I'll be up north checking it out.


 Those pesky Tasmanian Softees, Tassie, Willow, Doozie & Celine have been escaping from the shop again! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oatlands Spring Festival 2011 is all over red rover and on we charge into the visitor season and Christmas!  Time gets away so quickly - is it because I'm having so much fun? Most likely.   The weather last Sunday was not really as ordered, but we still had a great time with Rita, Sue and the wonderful Lady of Maille, Miss Lyn.  The shop was jumping and on occasion was just full to bursting.  I hope some of our visitors come back to see us when there is more space and time to look about!

As mentioned in a previous post, Oatlands hosted an installation of Roses from the Heart, Christina Henri's wonderful project to commemorate the in excess of 25,000 female convicts transported to Australia in the 1800s.  With the help of Rita, we were able to contribute a bonnet on behalf of my 4 greats' granny Mary Cavenaugh who was sent out for stealing a length of cloth.  Shipped on the Lady Juliana in 1789, Mary married Edward Kimberley. Their children married into some of the founding Tasmanian families.  Here's Rita modelling the bonnet - sewn by her, my handspun silk used to embellish!  Thanks Rita  xox

It's been busy in other areas as well......Tilly and Shaun and Quinn the Kelpie had an interesting visitor the other day:

Pompon Cosy sidles up to the shop
Quinn & Shaun keep a lookout while Cosy hops up into the shop!
One of our regulars made this wonderful pompon cosy from the Wild book and brought it in to visit!
Using a mix of her own and and some purchased handspun, Nan made this wonderful pot warmer!!

There's lots of new things on the shelves at the moment.  We have handmade Christmas decorations, Chrissy cards and presents a-plenty.  Also some beaut jewellery from the forthcoming leavers' season.  Here's two of my favourites at the moment :

Georgian Cottage - Blossom TownTea Caddys

Maggie - Stained glass by Diane Brown

Friday, September 30, 2011


We're getting excited here in the middle!  Only two weeks to our wonderful Oatlandy event - the 2011 Spring Festival.   On Sunday 16th October, the High Street will close to through traffic and over 50 stall holders will set up, the local businesses will showcase their services and wares and the community will join in a myriad of displays, parades and activities!   All we need is the weather organised and we're away!

Oatlands Handamde will be joining in the festivities with spinning and weaving on the footpath and Lynn demonstrating her chain maille-making to make to most stunning jewellery.

Lots of goodies have arrived for your early Christmas buying -  cards, tags, and gifts are ready for you to choose.   Our Christmas decorations have arrived as well...unique Tasmanian - made tree and table decorations which you can collect.

As part of the Spring Festival, we will also be hosting Roses from the Heart commemorating the Convict women who spent time in Oatlands.  By making a bonnet, we add to Christina Henri's wonderful project to remember the 25,566 convict women who were transported to Australia in the 1800s.  Patterns for bonnets are available from Oatlands' businesses (we have them here at OH) and from Rowena at the Heritage HIghway Visitor Centre at the Callington Mill complex.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tasmanian Devil Appeal

Oatlands Handmade proudly supports the Save the Tasmanian Devil Campaign with a number of handmade products, the sale of which donates a portion of profits to the Appeal.

We stock Tassie Devil Cigar Box Guitars, Tassie Softees from Willowtree Farm, and also have beaut Devil brooches, pins and bags from Tasmanian Handmakers.

Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal

Tassie from Willowtree Farm
Tassie up the mountain!

Tassie Devil Cigar Box Guitars from $170 - $240.  Affordable musical fun!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Members of the Staff

I'd like to introduce you to Tilly and Shaun!  They are the new members of the Oatlands Handmade staff and are on duty and ready to welcome our visitors.    Although not "handmade in Tasmania", they are special and came from country Victoria. (It was interesting bringing them home in the car on the Spirit - the Quarantine lady was most amused as Shaun was standing on the front seat with the seat belt on  LOL).      They'd like you to drop by and say hello!  More pics on our Gallery page.

Shaun and Tilly

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Spring & the shop is open!

Oatlands Handmade re-opens for Spring 2011 on Saturday 3rd September.  Lots of lovely new Tasmanian handmade goodies for you to delight in and more coming throughout the next few weeks.  Watch for our updated Artisans' details and new listings in our on-line shop.

I'd love to see you - normal open hours 9.30 am  - 4 pm Friday - Tuesday until November when we'll be 6 days a week!  Phew. xox

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bendigo Diary - Day 2 2011

Another day of tramping the exhibition halls!  Whew - still so much to see.  Today SigOther and I investigated the sheepies and the fleeces.  From the svelt Dorpers, feature breed this year (no wool to speak of but cute boys) to the OTT Lincolns with their 'bad hair day' looks with all the rest in between.  I re-visited my favourite Finn Sheep and we watched the fine merino groups being judged.  Couldn't find any Tassie sheep but a few prize-winning fleeces were in evidence.
Highlight was the Wearable Art Fashion Parade.  Sue Evans' entry made it onto the catwalk.  Another congrats Sue with first in her class but pipped at the post by the stunning fantasy entry from Box Hill Spinners and Weavers.  All entrants justly deserved to be up there!

I did some more networking for our little shop and there was lots of interest.  Hopefully we will see some lovely ladies who are coming over for Deloraine in November and several more who I hope will visit Oatlands when next they come to Tasmania.  Huge huge hugs and many thanks to the lovely Mandie of EGMTK who was just fantastic, and to the gorgeous Charly of Ixchelbunny.

That's it for me @ Bendigo this year.  Photos of stash carried home shortly!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bendigo Diary - Day 1 2011

Congratulations Sue !  Our lovely Tasmanian felter Sue Evans has cracked it at Bendigo again this year! Three entries, three blues including the prestigious Gordon Ford Award for Best Entry using Merino Wool! Yay for Sue, who uses the absolutely gorgeous Tasmanian Superfine merino tops available from Oatlands Handmade. At 18.5 micron, this luxury fibre is truly special!
One of Sue's unique vessels
Also demonstrating, Sue is wowing them with how to make her unique vessels.  She is selling kits containing everything you need to make your own!  Kits will be available from Oatlands Handmade from September and will be coming to our on-line shop as well.

'Generations' A felted family sculpted from 18.5 Tassie merino

Collar - Silk and 18.5 Tassie merino

Sue Evans at Bendi 2011

I reckon the piccie below exemplifies the Bendigo experience (other than the sheeps of course) - riotous, scrumptious and hard to resist!

The colours of Bendigo 2011 - Ixchel bunny & silk from Charly - ain't it bootiful

Monday, July 11, 2011

On Holidays...Bendi here we come!

We're on holiday in wintery Victoria and it's cold and wet here too, but not yet snowing!  Over the weekend I visited Wangaratta for the Stitched Up Festival and saw the fantastic and inspirational exhibition of the finalists and winner of the Wangaratta Textile Prize - awesome!

This next weekend it's off to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show...my 5th...can't wait.   It's great as I will be helping one of our Makers - the lovely and talented Sue Evans with her stand on the Friday.  Sue was invited to demonstrate and sell her unique little felted vessels after winning prizes at previous Bendis for her innovative felted art wear and vessels.  We're also attending the Women @ Wool luncheon on the Friday - food, fashion, fabulous wool! Going back again on the Saturday with SigOther to feel fleece and eye the woollies on legs.   Piccies coming......

Friday, June 3, 2011

Handmade Good Stuff

It's wonderful when a customer brings in something they have made using good stuff from the shop! 

Just last week, one of our doggy friends brought her mum in to show us this great vest mum has knitted - and finished off with Soewn Earth's bone buttons!  They went on the Million Paws Walk wearing it.  How cute!!

Trace Willans of Soewn Earth makes these unique smoke fired earthenwear buttons.  I love to use them on my woven things and they make stunning statements on all things fibre-ous.  We have a good selection from $3.50 - $4.00 each.

I've been busy too....latest offerings include 'Silk Road' in (Wendy Koolhof hand dyed) mulberry silk on a 50% wool/yak warp ....extremely light and tactile - first time I've worked with Yak fibre - it's so so light - and I'd hand dyed it too at Wendy's workshop back in May, so doubly pleased......'Forest Walk' in Te Awa mohair on a silk warp....and another Pure scarf featuring mill spun Tasmanian superfine merino with a super laceweight silk accent in oranges and red (also hand dyed by Wendy).

Why won't it go right way up????

'Silk Road' close up
Oatlands Handmade is indeed "scarf city" at the moment...all sorts of gorgeous things to wrap around your neck to be warm and beautiful - Aujke Boonstra's textile creations, Juju felt fantastic - scarves & chokers, Mahdi Chandler's colours of the rainbow on silks, satins & cottons and a new range - hand knitted luxury alpaca from Frog's Hollow Retreat - scarves, beanies & berets.

...come and see us this weekend!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Online Shopping here !

Using the great facilities provided by Craftumi, Oatlands Handmade is very pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to purchase our natural fibres, findings and embellishments on line.  Click on the Shop button above and you will find an active link to the new Craftumi Oatlands Handmade store front.

Here you will be able to buy our Superfine Tasmanian Merino tops/rovings, MeltonPark English Leicester fleeces and wool, Wendy Koolhof hand dyed wools and silks and lots of other goodies for use in your hand making activites!

Listings will be regularly updated.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Just to let all of my wonderful customers, friends of the shop, visitors to our wonderful town and my makers that Oatlands Handmade has now commenced winter trading hours. 

We are now CLOSED each week on WEDNESDASY & THURSDAYS.  Opening times remain the same for Friday – Tuesdays inclusive : 9.30am – 4.00pm.  These days have been chosen to suit the general trading pattern centred around our visitor numbers. 

I will also be closed for the months of July & August – last day will be 28th June &  the plan is to re-open for the new season on Friday September 2nd.  That way we all get a break!     Any changes or additions are always posted to the blog in the left sidebar.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Tasmanian grown fleece now available for purchase
at Oatlands Handmade for hand spinning, felting and dyeing. 
We have Superfine Tas Merino, English Leicester, Border Leicester, Mohair curls, Alpaca.  In washed, greasy, dyed in the fleece.  Full fleeces, fleece packs and by the gram.

If you would like a price list or would like to buy some of our fleeces, please email or phone and we can send to you - washed fleece to anywhere - greasy only in Tasmania (although our fleeces are clean and prepared for you, this is due to quarantine matters re potential vegetable matter and soil content).

18.5 micron Superfine Tasmanian Merino Tops (or Rovings) always available in 20g, 50g and 100g packs.  If you want more, we can make up a pack for you. (Soon to be available in hand dyed colours).

For needle felters, spinners and felters also bling batts and balls, optim superwash rovings, specialty fibre mix batts and rolls, and Firestar to add bling and zing to your project.

Come and see us - we're just an hour from Hobart or Launceston.  We can send you samples and post to you anywhere!

Technical Failure

Oh why oh why did the laptop die?  Our poor little 'puter gave up it's life and gasped to a halt last Friday - thank heavens just after running the reports for our makers for the month.  Perhaps it was the effort?  Anyway, thank heavens for backups and replacement loaners.  We are now back on-line but probably a week or more away from having the laptop home.  So apologies if our comms have been infrequent and news lacking!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


and Oatlands Handmade is stocking lots of lovely fibre and spun wool to get you going for the winter of 2011.  Don't forget your crochet hook too as this craft is certainly back with a rush. 

We have Hazelwood Farming's English Leicester hand dyed 8 ply in natural and three colours.  Mill spun by Bendigo Woollen Mills, this quality Tasmanian wool will make up into a lovely garment.

Hanks of unwashed natural mill spun english leicester also available 160-170m per 100g - hanks are about 500g.

Also in mill spun, we have Mel's gorgeous, soft 8 ply, 12 ply and 16 ply Woolganics natural hanks in jumper - lot packs of 1 kg, or 200g hanks.  Can be balled up for you upon request.

New shipment of Wendy Koolhof hand dyed 3pl wools and mulberry silks expected in the next fortnight.

....and laceweight merino, wool and yak, alpaca, wool silk and bamboo...it goes on.  These are all natural colour and ready for making up and/or hand dyeing. Hanks, balls and coned.  Handspun Tasmanian superfine merino in hanks.  Mill spun Tasmanian superfine merino cobweb weight in hanks or balls on request.....a new hand dyed range in gorgeous colours coming shortly.  Contact me for prices and details if you can't visit us.

Also Tasmanian-made knitting pins by Art Viva, Mahdi Chandler embellishing threads, Sue Evans embellishing kits, hand dyed tussah silk packs, wild fibre (bunny now in stock), Firestar in gorgeous colours, bling batts, bling balls and fleece.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


.......but shortly it will be our first exhibition!  John E.N. Smith's Works from the back room will be hung as soon as our new Gallery System arrives from our supplier, Philcam of Launceston.

It's so exciting and great to be able at last to present quality art to our visitors!

We have an eclectic collection of John's pleasing work to hang - 5 watercolours, 3 oils and a pencil sketch.  Affordable, good sizes and typical of John's exacting attention to detail and accuracy to subject, all well framed by John Crook of Launceston.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Our Felting Workshop last Sunday with Juju designer June Hope was just wonderful.  Those attending were surprised at their output and I have enclosed some finished pieces for you to look at.  By combining wool, alpaca fibre, wools, silks and other embelishments, the results were absolutely beautiful!  On average, the fabrics were 500 x 400 or larger and big enough to either make up into a garment or accessory, or perhaps frame and hang as a piece of textile art.

Thanks to June for her excellent teaching technique and congratulations to the participants on their achievements! 

We will be holding another workshop with June in the second half of the year.  If you would like to put your name down, email me and we will send you details when they become available.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun with Felting - Workshop 20th March 2011

Only 2 spots left......be quick to secure your place to come play with us under Jue Hope's expert tutelage to create a beautiful piece of felted fabric!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun with Felting - Workshop 20th March 2011

Come and play with us in a wonderful day of creating with fibre and embellishments.  June Hope of JuJu will take you through a step by step to felting and you will create a beautiful piece of art cloth which you can use as a scarf or make into something else.  Using merino wool, alpaca and other natural fibres and being creative with embellishments, you will practice the technique of nuno felting.

Cost : $80 per person for the day.  Includes refreshments and a light lunch.

Bookings : Confirmed booking and payment in full to Rowena at Oatlands Handmade required by 12th March.  Enquiries  Ph 6254 1391 or oatlandshandmade@hotmail.com

Email me if you are interested and I'll send you the FULL details!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wearable Art and Design @ Oatlands Handmade

As well as fantastic visual and useable Tasmanian Art Craft, Oatlands Handmade presents wearable art for you to buy and enjoy.  We have just a few of JuJu's stunning felted and embelished silk and alpaca garments and scarves still on the hangers, prices starting $145.  Juju felted cuffs and gauntlets also starting at $45.

Silk and Alpaca Sleeveless Jacket

Silk Scarf Detail

Silk and Alpaca snowflake scarflette
Wearable art is just so special.  One-of-a-kind garments and you will never see yourself walking down the street!  Felted, woven, knitted, crocheted......the World Wearable Art Expo last year showcased some amazing vision and talent. Check out the WOW 2010 Winners here.

And speaking of design and talent, have a look at the beautifully simple 9 Fruits fruitbowl from Adam Aberle.   Coming two finishes - oiled and limed - and in a flat pack as well!!  What vision.  

Design and worksmanship abounds : have a look at this stunner - birds' eye huon pine, myrtle and blackwood combine in this "for ever" jewellery chest and mirror.  Not to mention the stylish Lampshade and base from An Element of Style.

Come and see us - open 6 days 9.30 to 4.  Closed on Mondays.  Right opposite Mill Lane in Oatlands at 112 High Street. Check our STOP PRESS for additional changes.

We are happy to pack and send, so if you see anything on these pages that you like, email and we can arrange your purchase for you.

Ready for the Launceston Cup - Dolly wears Balloon Vest in silk and alpaca and blue Cloche Hat in embellised alpaca both by Juju; needle felted bag by Ripping Yarnz and Fork Pendant by Supply Bay Design.  Add some pants or a stylish skirt and off we go!
Oatlands Handmade and The Lucky Ewe @ Oatlands Handmade is a little gallery shop in Oatlands, Tasmania, right opposite the Callington Flour Mill. We feature the work of Tasmanian artisan craftspeople working in handmade design - mostly textile based. For you to buy we have unique handmade Jewellery, Handwoven and Felted Clothing and Accessories, Gifts, Cards, and so much more! Brands include Wendy Koolhof, Sue Evans I Felt, Lyns Maille sterling silver jewellery and my own Rowena brand. We stock Fleeces and Fibres, Knitting Wool and Silk, Hand dyed Yarns, Custom Art Batts for felting and spinning, exquisite drop and supported spindles and lace bobbins, Knitting Needles and buttons, Books, Patterns and Craft Kits and we are a working Spinning and Weaving Studio.