Thursday, December 30, 2010

mahdi chandler Workshops

Oatlands handmade carries an extensive range of stunning work by those Textisle Tarts Mahdi Chandler and Wendy Koolhof.  Hand dyed wool & mulberry silk hanks, hand dyed scarves in a range of fibres including silk, cotton, merino wool, silk and stainless steel, devore velvet and linen, natural gem jewellery, machine embroidered brooches to name a few !!

Well, Mahdi has released the details of a series of textile workshops based around dyeing that she is hosting at her D'Entrecasteaux Channel Studio this summer of 2011. 

Have a look at our Workshops Page for the details and contact Mahdi direct.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I need a car counter.....there are just SO MANY people visiting this great little town at the moment.  Most are coming to see the refurbished Callington Mill.  [ Sadly the Companion Bakery is closed until 12th Jan so no yummy bread or cakes :(  BUT The Stables is open as usual so drop in and see the girls for coffee and a light meal ]

As I stand at my counter in the corner of my new little shop, I look out the window toward the Mill - sails turning rythmically in the breeze ....customers come and go...lots of interesting people to talk to...surrounded by stunning Tasmanian Handmade Art Craft!   Heaven!

Here are some very early pics.....I need to take some more as I keep changing the locations of things to make them work better and also I am still adding stock as I get it inventoried, ticketed and displayed. 

Rita and me

An ecelctic mix

Large display case

Part of jewellery display
Shelves are bursting and sales are really encouraging!  I'll update all the artisans with an email shortly as I will need to order from some of you soon.  So much interest is being shown in your work and fantasic comments are being made about the diversity and sheer quality of your work!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Quietly, at 9.30 this morning I snuck out the blackboards (Still without their hangers Lyn), hung up the twirlies and left the door open....

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the well wishers, emailers and phoners and those who dropped by.  Your support is so very much appreciated.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the more than 30 talented crafts people who have allowed me to represent them and stock such an eclectic and stunning array of Tasmanian Handmade to tempt my customers.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the customers who came in today and so many of you bought something!! 

It was great and I look forward to making this little space a must stop and shop. ... Big hugs to you all! if only the TV would work and the washing machine was connected....I'd better go and unpack some more boxes and have a glass of red!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Thank you so so much to all the wonderful, talented, generous and exciting artisans who have decided to allow me to represent them at Oatlands Handmade!

The response to the EOI has been stunning and the little shop in High Street Oatlands will be crammed to the window sills with phenominal Tasmanian handmade art and craft!

I had hoped to open last Friday - the 17th - but a combination of rain, a late start with the movers (who, by the way, were nothing short of stupendous - thanks Dion and Shane), and the ability of me to keep up with everyone (old ???) has resulted in this Wednesday as the quiet opening of the door at 9.30 am.

As mentioned to those who I have visited over the past couple of weeks, yes, there will be a party...later in January on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon so that as many as possible can come.  We'll have a drink, something to nibble on and someone nice to say a few words!  Invites will be sent out to all the clever artisans and supporters in the New Year.

So...exciting ? Yes  it sure is.  THANK YOU EVERYONE...and I promise to update the Artisan list as soon as I can!

Monday, November 8, 2010


An innovative and exciting new retail outlet showcasing Tasmania's diverse wealth of handmade art craft will open shortly in the High Street of this unique Australian town which boasts the largest collection of sandstone buildings in the country.

Oatlands handmade will provide a new opportunity for artisan designer makers practising in Tasmania to present their product to the increasing numbers of visitors stopping to see the restored and now working, Callington Flour Mill.

Set in an 1840's Georgian sandstone cottage directly opposite Mill Lane, Oatlands handmade will feature
  • Fine handmade Tasmanian Art Craft
  • Hand woven and felted textiles, clothing, outerwear & home wares
  • Changing exhibitions of fine art & photography for sale
  • a Spinning & Weaving Studio
  • Natural Fibres & Yarns including hand-dyed wool, alpaca & silk
  • Tasmanian superfine merino wool tops, spun hanks, balls & spinning supplies
  • Callington Mill mementos
  • Workshops & Tuition
Oatlands Handmade and The Lucky Ewe @ Oatlands Handmade is a little gallery shop in Oatlands, Tasmania, right opposite the Callington Flour Mill. We feature the work of Tasmanian artisan craftspeople working in handmade design - mostly textile based. For you to buy we have unique handmade Jewellery, Handwoven and Felted Clothing and Accessories, Gifts, Cards, and so much more! Brands include Wendy Koolhof, Sue Evans I Felt, Lyns Maille sterling silver jewellery and my own Rowena brand. We stock Fleeces and Fibres, Knitting Wool and Silk, Hand dyed Yarns, Custom Art Batts for felting and spinning, exquisite drop and supported spindles and lace bobbins, Knitting Needles and buttons, Books, Patterns and Craft Kits and we are a working Spinning and Weaving Studio.