Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Ready for Spring

Lightweight wool with a bit of swish : the model is wearing a machine-knitted Tasmanian superfine merino (18.5 micron) dress and short - sleeved cardi from Sue Evans' collection complemented by a Rowena long scarf knitted from fine merino lambs' wool and silk and stainless steel yarn.

Dress $99  Size 8-10  Cardi  $99 Size Small  Scarf $85   Brooch $25 and Pendant $50 by Mabel


Friday, September 6, 2013


The Lucky Ewe @ Oatlands Handmade has re-opened for the Spring 2013 Season at wonderful up-town Oatlands.  We are starting to see visitors wandering around guide books in hand, and bags of flour are coming down from the Mill to be put in car boots.  The boyz at the Pancake and Crepe Shop next door just haven't stopped all winter and are becoming the "must stop" on the way through to Launceston.

I've decided to pull back the shop a bit this year - it's just been all too hard with what has been a difficult last 6 months : we will miss Graeme so much as he was always about to put out Tilly and Shawn and bring them in at night and the presence of The Shearer sitting in the corner of the shop and chatting to visitors about sheep and wool will be a huge gap almost too much to bear. So I have moved everything around!

Only one room now : all woolly; and my workroom has come upstairs to be part of the business.  I can now sit and look out the window past Shawn and spin on the new "vacuum cleaner", my Ashford Country Spinner 2 wot we bought at Bothwell before Graeme went to hospital. (I had saved up for a Dyson, but the Country Spinner won out and Grum said I could have it - thanks my darling!).

Tassie S/F 18.5 micron on left    "Winter" from First Edition on right  both pun on the vacuum cleaner !

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


..........................Due to a serious family illness, Oatlands Handmade and The Lucky Ewe are currently closed. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


All the goodies going to Bothwell this weekend :'s still a mess but I'm gradually making it fit into the boxes ready to be loaded into the ute!  I decided the car wasn't big enough so made a request for Graeme's ute in the hope that I can fit the stock list here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Important News

Hello to all our followers and regular visitors!  I am regretfully letting you know that our last trading day for the Summer Season at Oatlands Handmade's High Street Shop will be Tuesday 26th February 2013. We have a family health issue (not me) to be managed, and rather than open/shut/open/shut and muck about with trading hours, the decision has been regretfully made to close the physical shop early. (I usually close for winter at the end of May).  The Online Shops will remain trading though and I will still blog - as soon as I can get internet out at the farm.

The Lucky Ewe will be out and about - Bothwell Spin-In next weekend will be the first, then we hope to be at the Jordan River Farm's "Big Woolly Day Out" at the School Farm, Main Road Brighton on Saturday 13th April.  I have applied for some Market spots over the Autumn/Winter and of course, we hope to return to the Tasmanian Craft Fair at Deloraine for more fun, demos and woolly stuff.

So, many many thanks to everyone for their continued support and love!  I'll keep you posted.  :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Dusted shelves so have a move stock about!  Check these out in our Shop. All items are available individually.  I've listed them under "A Lot Of Lovely Things".  Email me if you want more details / to buy.

Wendy Koolhof Hats, Bag by Jen2le, Mahdi Chandler Scarves, Jewellery by Wendy, Felicity Matthews and My Sinfonia

Jen2le Woollen Bag, Glasses Case and Hat by Wnedy Koolhof, Mahdi Scarf, more Felicity Earrings

The Jewellery Shelf in Greens and Red/Orange

Beautiful and unique Feltwolke Jewellery by Bettina

More Wendy Hat and Brooch, Mahdi Soft Cotton Scarf and Felicity Ears

Oatlands Handmade and The Lucky Ewe @ Oatlands Handmade is a little gallery shop in Oatlands, Tasmania, right opposite the Callington Flour Mill. We feature the work of Tasmanian artisan craftspeople working in handmade design - mostly textile based. For you to buy we have unique handmade Jewellery, Handwoven and Felted Clothing and Accessories, Gifts, Cards, and so much more! Brands include Wendy Koolhof, Sue Evans I Felt, Lyns Maille sterling silver jewellery and my own Rowena brand. We stock Fleeces and Fibres, Knitting Wool and Silk, Hand dyed Yarns, Custom Art Batts for felting and spinning, exquisite drop and supported spindles and lace bobbins, Knitting Needles and buttons, Books, Patterns and Craft Kits and we are a working Spinning and Weaving Studio.